Los Angeles Psychoanalysis

If you live in Los Angeles, psychoanalysis may be a term you have heard in casual conversation. Los Angeles is a very forward-thinking city when it comes to psychoanalysis, psychotherapy and psychology. Los Angeles residents don’t feel there is much of a stigma attached to seeking professional psychological help, and often embrace efforts to improve the self – however it seems the practice of psychoanalysis is often misunderstood. People misinterpret psychoanalysis as therapy or counseling, when psychoanalysis is, in fact, a very specific and highly-skilled form of psychology that few therapists or counselors have the expertise or professional authority to practice. Dr. Daniel Paul is the expert in psychoanalysis Los Angeles patients seek to unlock the deepest answers about their psyche.

What is Psychoanalysis?

Psychoanalysis is similar to psychotherapy in that it encourages the verbalization of a person’s thoughts and emotions. This can be done by free association, analyzing old memories or verbalizing fantasies and dreams. The key is to follow the cues that are provided by the subconscious part of the mind. Often our greatest fears, stresses and hurts lie in what we call the unconscious. We do not actively acknowledge or process this unconscious content, but it can drive our emotions and actions and create unhealthy behaviors, attachments and addiction.

Psychoanalysis helps bring these unconscious conflicts to the surface so we can properly deal with them and create healthier emotions and actions. Often the first several psychoanalysis sessions can be painful, as so much is being brought to light. After several sessions, however, many people report a greater sense of happiness and lightness as they begin to work through their issues.

How Psychoanalysis Can Help

Psychotherapy and psychoanalysis are very effective methods of self-discovery and can benefit anyone who wants to better understand their internal motivations and tap into their unconscious self. By bringing underlying issues to light, you can actively improve every aspect of your life. Psychoanalysis can improve your personal life, your career, your relationships and your sense of self-worth.

If you’re interested in psychotherapy, Los Angeles is a great place to be – it’s the home office of expert psychoanalyst Dr. Daniel Paul. Through his in-depth psychoanalysis, Dr. Paul has committed his professional life to help patients realize their full potential in life and in their relationships. The process of psychoanalysis requires full commitment – a person typically meets three to five times a week in psychoanalysis – but the results are well worth the effort.

Psychoanalysis: Los Angeles’ Dr. Paul

If you’re looking for effective and professional psychoanalysis, Los Angeles’ Dr. Daniel Paul is a leader in his profession and has helped hundreds of patients in Los Angeles and Beverly Hills realize their full potential and create a healthier outlook on life. Dr. Paul is an experienced leader in his profession and has helped hundreds of clients move past their personal barriers and establish healthy and happy relationships. Call Dr. Paul at (310) 271-1858 to schedule a session today and begin on your journey to a healthy love life. You can read more about Dr. Paul’s unique approach to couples therapy and Barriers to Loving through his speaking engagements or by browsing his blog and articles.