Couples Therapy Los Angeles

We often hear the term “couples therapy”. Los Angeles is home to a lot of therapists and many offer sessions that are meant to improve relationships. But what exactly is couple’s therapy? Los Angeles therapists will advertise couples therapy as a cure all for whatever ails a relationship. However, often the best way to heal a broken relationship is for both parties to understand what individual issues they are dealing with that are preventing the relationship from being successful.

Dr. Daniel Paul is a leading psychoanalyst in the Los Angeles and Beverly Hills area and offers a unique approach to couples counseling. Los Angeles residents are seeing huge improvements within themselves and their relationships under Dr. Paul’s treatment – a treatment approach he calls “Barriers to Loving”.

Barriers to Loving: A New Couples Therapy

So many of us seek safety in our relationships and enter into romantic relationships to escape from our problems. We look to another person to “save” or “fix” us. This is the worst reason to start a relationship, because as soon as the initial spark and excitement fades, our problems must be dealt with in order for the relationship to progress healthily. Dr. Paul calls these issues, Barriers to Loving. During his decades of professional experience as a leading psychoanalyst, Los Angeles’ Dr. Paul has identified some of the most common barriers to loving that affect a person’s ability to sustain healthy, long-term relationships. Some of these barriers include: feeling threatened by intimacy or sexuality, fear of being controlled, a tendency to withdraw rather than deal with emotions and unrealistic expectations of perfection from our partners. Once barriers are identified, they can be dealt with and the person can learn how to create healthier patterns of thoughts and actions.

Los Angeles Psychoanalysis

There is a great deal of focus on the self in Los Angeles. Psychoanalysis is a way to understand how your unconscious emotions can drive unhealthy behavior. Many of us have repressed emotions and past experiences that can hinder us in life and in our relationships. Until we are able to work through these unhealthy and painful emotions, we will continue to make the same mistakes in our relationships. Dr. Paul believes that in order to be free to love others and create healthy relationships, we first must overcome our internal barriers to loving. It is hard enough to find love in a fast-paced city like Los Angeles. Psychoanalysis can help you overcome love barriers that will allow you to not only find a fulfilling relationship, but to find a long-lasting one.

Finding the Best Psychoanalysis: Los Angeles

Where can you turn to find the most in-depth and effective psychoanalysis? Los Angeles’ Dr. Daniel Paul is an experienced leader in his profession and has helped hundreds of clients move past their personal barriers and establish healthy and happy relationships. Call Dr. Paul at (310) 271-1858 to schedule a session today and begin on your journey to a healthy love life. You can read more about Dr. Paul’s unique approach to couples therapy and barriers to loving through exploring this website, visiting one of his seminars, or by scheduling an appointment with Dr. Paul.