Couples Counseling Los Angeles

Could you benefit from couples counseling? Los Angeles residents who are struggling in their relationships have found that counseling is a great tool to help them overcome even the most difficult issues. Los Angeles psychologist Dr. Daniel Paul is a leading expert in couples counseling and has helped many relationships get back on the right track. Dr. Paul is a psychologist and certified psychoanalyst who practices psychodynamic psychotherapy to identify the underlying, often unconscious, conflict that exists within a relationship dynamic. A relationship is made up of two people, who are both complex beings. Often times, people assume it is the relationship that is broken, when really it is a matter of identifying personal issues and creating a safe space in which to work through barriers and establish open communication.

Relationship Psychologist in Los Angeles

If you’re looking for a psychologist in Los Angeles with a proven track record of improving relationships, Dr. Paul is the relationship expert you’ve been searching for. The goal of psychoanalysis and couples counseling is to not only heal your relationship, but to increase your knowledge about yourself and what individual issues affect your relationship. Once you have a deeper understanding of how your behaviors affect your relationships, you are more likely to develop a healthy pattern of interaction. There should be no embarrassment about seeking help for relationship issues. In Los Angeles, psychoanalysis is a useful tool that many people use to improve their loving relationships.

Psychotherapist: Los Angeles’ Best

The happiest relationships are the most honest ones and you can achieve open and honest communication with the help of a skilled psychotherapist. Los Angeles psychotherapist Dr. Daniel Paul can help with individual self-actualization, as well as developing healthy communication and patterns of interaction. A vast majority of issues stem from an inability to properly communicate and express emotions. Often, our own selfish nature and unresolved issues become roadblocks to intimacy. With the proper counseling, these roadblocks can be dissolved and you can begin on the path to a happy, healthy and fulfilling relationship.

Psychotherapy: Los Angeles and Beverly Hills

If you’re looking for couples counseling and individual psychotherapy, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills are a great place to start. They’re the home of Dr. Daniel Paul, one of the most effective leaders in couples therapy, psychoanalysis and psychotherapy. Los Angeles and Beverly Hills residents who are having issues in their relationships shouldn’t lose hope, especially when there are experts like Dr. Paul available to help. Almost everyone can greatly benefit from couples counseling. To learn more about Barriers to Loving or your own romantic relationships, call Dr. Daniel Paul at (310) 271-1858 to schedule a Los Angeles psychoanalysis session today.